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The Tickit Club is a group full of like minded people who have a passion to live their best lives. Whether you are from Vietnam, Austria or anywhere in between, we all have this common goal.

Trav Bell - The Bucket List Guy

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The Tickit Club is an ongoing Bucket List membership program. Your Certified Bucket List Coach®  facilitates 8 events for the Tickit Club group each year. That’s 2 per quarter.


One is a live, 90 minute, inspirational seminar and the other is a local Bucket List event. Together, they are designed to bring the group together to be inspired and do their Bucket Lists together as a team.


We have certified Bucket List Coaches all around the world working with individuals and organisations of all sizes. All of our coaches are trained know how to really get engagement from each course attendee. 

The results from our Bucket Listers that have been through The Bucket List Life Plan speak for themselves. You can view our coaches and their location by clicking the button below.

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Become a certified Bucket List Coach.

About Us

A Certified Bucket List Coach provides life coaching services, training and workshops in the field of personal growth, goal setting, goal commitment, life planning and accountability.  


Coaches lead and facilitate a variety of prescribed Bucket List programs.  Clients experience amazing results and personal growth as a result of Certified Bucket List Coaches unique goal setting and goal-getting methodologies, lifestyle design practices and group accountability.

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