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Sue Przekop 🇺🇸

Certified Bucket List Coach®

Shelby Twp., MI United States

Industry Experience

As a Bucket List Coach I am trained to change people's perception, wake them up and help them live a Bucket List Life. Bucket List Coaches are equipped with tools for administering face-to-face presentations as well as our Online Training platform. 

Why do you love being a Bucket List Coach?

I love being a bucket list coach because it gives people a new perspective on life and teaches them to live from a place of gratitude and live their life more intentionally. None of us ever know how much time we have, so live each day to the fullest!It is exciting to help people conquer fears, express themselves and take on challenges. Their smiles and happiness say it all. But, there is nothing better than having a client thank you for helping them rediscover themselves or empowering them to live their best life!

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