Marty Elberg 🇺🇸

Certified Bucket List Coach®

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Industry Experience

As a Bucket List Coach I am trained to change people's perception, wake them up and help them live a Bucket List Life. Bucket List Coaches are equipped with tools for administering face-to-face presentations as well as our Online Training platform. 

Why do you love being a Bucket List Coach?

Being a Bucket List Coach gives me the opportunity to help clients create more purpose and meaning, and even regain strength when facing difficult times. Now creating an estate plan for someone can also include a life plan being put into action. A divorce can be the springboard for creating a vision of a new life, and I have the ability to guide and move my client in the right direction with the Bucket List Life Plan.

Even if not facing a traumatic situation, too many people are dissatisfied with their work and are unfulfilled in life. The world will truly be a better place when 10,000,000 people can say they are living purposely happy and fulfilled lives. That is our mission, and when you join one of our programs we will teach you how to live a regret free life.

I am excited fulfil my role in accomplishing our mission and help people understand the importance of living a happy and fulfilled life NOW.

Marty Elberg 🇺🇸