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Leanne Blaney 🇦🇺

Certified Bucket List Coach®

Clontarf, Australia

Industry Experience

Government, Universities, Library Services

As a Bucket List Coach I am trained to change people's perception, wake them up and help them live a Bucket List Life. Bucket List Coaches are equipped with tools for administering face-to-face presentations as well as our Online Training platform. 

Why do you love being a Bucket List Coach?

I want to spread the message that we need to live now, not wait until someday, one day or when something traumatic happens to create an exciting, adventurous and joyous life.

By being part of a movement of people living their ‘bucket lists’ we have a ripple effect in the world where there is lightness, fun and adventure all around us.

It is so liberating to be out there helping others achieve what they have only ever dreamed of doing one day.

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