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Our Services

We Bucket List Coach® Services for:
- Small & Large Organisations
- Private Groups
- Individuals

Which Bucket List Coach® Service
is right for you?

Our Certified Bucket List Coaches® have the specialist skills and techniques needed to impact and facilitate our workshops and positively affect the lives of millions of people worldwide.

We have many Bucket List Coach® services to offer our customers depending on the organisation, group, size and requirements. All service options can be discussed during an intial Discovery Call with our clients.



Our Certified Bucket List Coaches® offer a range of services to clients all around the world.

We offer programs for large and small organisations as well as general public.

We believe everyone can live a Bucket List Life. 

The Bucket List Coach® ONLINE Programs

Join Us Online

Our Certified Bucket List Coaches are running Bucket List Programs via Zoom and utilising other globally used online services.


This allows our coaches to reach everyone that has access to the internet and wants to start living their life by design. 

After registration you will receive a Zoom link and links to download our online material. You will receive invitation to attend and reminders as they time and date nears.

Why Your Organisation Needs A Bucket List Coach®

The employee reality


the effect on productivity


the cost of unhappy employees


Investing in your employees is like investing in the greatest shares - The more you invest, the greater the dividends.

Every employee needs a Bucket List for peak performance

Our Certified Bucket List Coaches® run programs for organisations both big and small. The purpose of our program is to inspire and motivate the attendees. But also help them discover a purpose. Help them find a WHY they come to work. Start designing a life they are passionate about. Organisations who have gone through our programs experience more engaged and motivated employees on the other side.

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