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IP Theft Form

Report Your IP Theft Case

Welcome to Certified Bucket List Coach®, this is our IP Theft reporting form, where you can assist us in protecting our intellectual property rights around the world. 

Here, you can submit confidential reports to Bucket List Coach’s legal department if you suspect an individual or entity is using Bucket List Coach’s intellectual property (e.g., trademarks or copyrights) without a license. 

Our goal is to timely address each and every report made so that we can protect the community that we've worked so hard to create.

Please provide all the information requested below, in detail, to help us determine the nature and extent of the infringement and whether we can pursue the claim.

Please keep in mind the following:

Information is kept confidential to the extent allowable by law.


We investigate every report submitted. 

Thank you for your loyalty to the Certified Bucket List Coach® community!

-Certified Bucket List Coach®, Legal Department.

Success! Message received. Thank you for your enquiry.

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