Bucket List HQ

Bucket List HQ is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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Our Bucket List HQ Team


Trav Bell

Trav Bell was the original Bucket List Coach. Over 10 years ago now Trav started to action his mission:
"To help 10 million people lead purposely fulfilled lives."

Starting his journey as a sole operator it quickly became apparent to Trav that to truly reach this goal he was going to need help.

Trav then went to work finding like-minded inspired individuals who shared his passion for life and believed in the vision. Trav trained up Bucket List Coaches from all around the world to help him spread his important message for life. 

Now with a growing global network of Certified Bucket List Coaches he mission is on track.


Trav shares a passion for the Bucket List lifestyle and lives his own life by design. Trav's role in the business is supporting the coaches with operations, tech and training.

Top 3 Bucket List Items

1. Qualify for the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

2. Learn to play the didgeridoo

3. Bungee jump in Queenstown New Zealand.

Operations Manager. Geelong, Australia.



Nini is truly a Bucket Lister at heart. She believes strongly in our vision and her energy for life is infectious. Nini is our Bucket List marketing expert. Social media and building a presence online is her real strength.

Top 3 Bucket List Items

1. Go on a cross-continental "offline adventure" trip with an original T1 VW camper van.

2. Making "Happiness" a mandatory school subject for kids.

3. Finishing an Ultramarathon.

Marketing Manager. Bondi, Australia.



Michelle attacks life with ferocity, she has a never say die attitude. However, she knows that's inevitable so is making sure she packs a whole lot of fun and passion into her life.

Top 3 Bucket List Items

1. Become a qualified skydiver.

2. Run a 100 mile Ultra marathon

3. Change YOUR world (yes you)

Regional Manager. Cheshire, England.



Elisa has an infectious energy for life which will put a smile on your face. She is passionate about her Bucket List life, and not waiting until some day. She wants to share this passion throughout Costa Rica. 

Top 3 Bucket List Items

1. Run a marathon.

2. Learn Portuguese/Brazilian

3. Take a Meditarrean Cruise with my familiy (husband and 2 daughters).

Regional Manager. San Jose, Costa Rica.



A little bit about Christina.

Regional Manager.