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The Bucket List Board Workshop

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Our Certified Bucket List Coaches are running Bucket List Board Workshops via Zoom and utilising other globally used online services.


This allows our coaches to reach everyone that has access to the internet and wants to start living their life by design. 

After registration you will receive a Zoom link and links to download our online material. You will receive invitation to attend the Workshop and reminders as they time and date nears.

People are living to 80 but dying at 40.
Life's way too short not to live a Bucket List Life.

Trav Bell - The Bucket List Guy

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A Bucket List Board Workshop is a 3 hour group workshop where you'll learn, design & create your very own Bucket List Board. Unlike a regular Vision Board, you'll incorporate the M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint® & take the Law of Attraction to an entirely new level. You'll leave with an inspirational, in-your-face reminder of your 'WHY'.



If you ever find yourself sleepwalking through life, functioning on autopilot and simply too busy being busy to make time for your personal goals & dreams - then this is the workshop you never knew you needed! 

See, a Bucket List is not all about quitting your job and hiking Machu Picchu.


It can be as small or big as anything: Take these salsa you always wanted to take, start that business you have always dreamed of, cruise through Italy on a Vespa or ask that cute co-worker out on a date.


It is about taking time out of your busy life to work on your best life. 

It is about separating your Bucket List from your daily to-do list.

It is about pausing and reflecting on what is making you truly happy and fulfilled

By investing 4x 3 hours of your busy life, you will become a Bucket Lister for life and learn how to:

✅ Successfully create & take action on your personally meaningful Bucket List 

✅ Find more purpose, meaning and fulfilment in life 

✅ Become a successful goal-achiever in every area of your life

✅ Create the ultimate work-life blend 

✅ Fulfilment from inside directly translates into performance at your job 

✅ No longer postpone your dreams and goals to ‘some day maybe’ - but take action on the spot 

✅ Break your big intangible goal down into tangible bites  

✅ Experience immense personal & professional growth by finding joy outside your comfort zone

✅ Improve your social, corporate & romantic relationships as a ripple effect of being more ‘high on life’ 

✅ Live a life filled with more fun, happiness and adventure 

✅ Stop sleepwalking through life & reawaken that desire for more inside you

✅ Make yourself proud by becoming the you you always wanted to be 


During this interactive workshop we will will implement the ultimate 12 step M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint® formula.  

Every letter represents one specific category and together, they form a holistic and complete Bucket List that will even turn the most unmotivated Non Bucket Lister into a Bucket Lister and want to jump out of bed in the morning.



We have certified Bucket List Coaches all around the world working with individuals and organisations of all sizes. All of our coaches are trained know how to really get engagement from each course attendee. 

The results from our Bucket Listers that have been through The Bucket List Life Plan speak for themselves. You can view our coaches and their location by clicking the button below.

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Become a certified Bucket List Coach.

About Us

A Certified Bucket List Coach provides life coaching services, training and workshops in the field of personal growth, goal setting, goal commitment, life planning and accountability.  


Coaches lead and facilitate a variety of prescribed Bucket List programs.  Clients experience amazing results and personal growth as a result of Certified Bucket List Coaches unique goal setting and goal-getting methodologies, lifestyle design practices and group accountability.

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