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Become A Certified Bucket List Coach®  Partner

Share our vision. Grow Your Business.


What is a Certified Bucket List Coach® Partner?

A Certified Bucket List Coach® Partner is a Master Licensee. A Master Licensee is a visionary leader in a country, state or region who brings Certified Bucket List Coach® to their marketplace and uses its proprietary proven systems to improve lives and communities within that country, state or region.


The Master Licensee has the power to develop, grow and sell the Certified Bucket List Coach® license opportunity as well as the opportunity to support the continued growth of each Licensee’s success within that territory. 

Income Sources

There are two main sources of income for the Certified Bucket List Coach® Master Licensee. The first is from the substantial commissions paid from every Certified Bucket List Coach® License sold within your territory. The second is from the programs that each Certified Bucket List Coach® does with  their clients in your territory. 


Both of these income streams are geared to help you grow a healthy asset and to be continually engaged in the success of your coaches within your territory. This dual income stream potential is what makes the Bucket List HQ to Certified Bucket List Coach® Master Licensee opportunity so unique.

Win - Win - Win Situation

We see this as a win-win-win situation. It’s a win for us (Bucket List HQ) as we get to partner with  a likeminded local visionary to help expand our Vision and Mission. It’s a win for you (Master Licensee) as you’ll become the territory leader empowered by Bucket List HQ help customise, expand and grow the brand locally and reap the rewards for doing so.


Finally, it’s a win for each Certified Bucket List Coach® you introduce too because they’ll have someone who cares about their personal and professional growth, keeping them accountable so that they can in turn service their clients to the highest levels.

Serious Commitment

The Certified Bucket List Coach® Master License is a serious commitment. Starting at $50K (USD), we  know this opportunity is not for everyone. Experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales, brand development, marketing, team leadership and personal business-to-client (B2C) success are the foundations we look for in our Master License partners.

Apply now

The team at Bucket List HQ is looking for someone to really build a legacy with. If chosen, we will support you all the way as we continue to grow together.


We are a dynamic brand and we are looking for dynamic people. We welcome your application. 


Let’s Work Together

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