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We are recruiting Bucket List Coaches® to help us
with our mission.

To Help 10 Million Bucket Listers #tickitB4Ukickit.

Watch our short video from CEO Trav Bell.

Let's Make A Difference... Together

The Certified Bucket List Coach® program trains and empowers coaches in our Bucketlistology. Coaches learn the skills and techniques needed to impact and facilitate our workshops and positively affect the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Join us today. You can become trained and accredited as a Certified Bucket List Coach®. Together let's start creating more happiness & fulfilment in people's lives.

Being A Certified Bucket List Coach® is Perfect if:

You are looking for a job with more purpose & fulfilment.
You are exploring coaching options and our Bucket List Philosophy,
vision and mission get you excited.
You are already a coach and want add another string to your bow.
You participated in one of our Bucket List Workshops and now want to pay it forward.

You can be fully trained & certified in one month

We utilize an online training platform and cloud hosting for our Bucket List Resources. Coaches are stepped through the online training but are welcome to progress at their own pace.

Coaches can be fully Certified and running programs as fast as 1 month after commencing Bucket List Coach® Training.

Certified Bucket List Coach® Training


Gain access to The Certified Bucket List Coach® Training Platform.

Complete the Foundation Training online with LIVE support and training from the Bucket List HQ team.

Building Your Bucket List Brand


Start building your "brand" and shouting from the rooftops that you are now a Certified Bucket List Coach®

Make use of the Bucket List Coach resources to market yourself.

Running Corporate Bucket List Programs


Identify corporate companies that you want to work with. Follow our 3 Step Sales Process.

Run our Certified Bucket List Programs® & begin working on our shared Bucket List mission.

Convenient Online Training. 

Regular Training Updates

Ongoing LIVE Support / Training

We utilize an online training platform (tablet & phone compatible) for our Certified Bucket List Coach® Training. This allows coaches to go through the training at their own pace. 

All online training is complimented by LIVE coaching / training sessions by the team at Bucket List HQ. 


My experience in running the Bucket List programs has been phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. 

You think supporting people to achieve their Bucket List items is going to be really cool, but what's actually been amazing is the incredible sharing that the groups of people do….and I’ve had groups that didn’t know each other.


People jumped at the opportunity to come along to my program. 

People loved the fact that we create the space and the time for them to actually commit to thinking about doing their Bucket List or to start writing one even for those who hadn't done one before.

Kate Muldoon - Australia 🇦🇺


I loved the journey of becoming a Bucket List Coach and working with the wonderful team at Bucket List HQ.

The skills I have gained from being a Bucket List Coach included organising and facilitating Bucket List Workshops and Life Plans, event speaking, marketing and promotion and building my network.

The most important thing was working with the participants to create and action their Bucket List items even in very short periods of time.

I would thoroughly recommend the Bucket List program for both coaches and participants.

Lee Blume - Australia 🇦🇺


WHY Choose Bucket List Coach?

Bucket List Coach® provides an opportunity to add coaching to your existing business. It can fulfil your desire to positively affect people's lives.
Bucket List Coach® provides proven framework and systemised approach to coaching, that can be financially very beneficial. 

Dedicated Onboarding

Exclusive access to virtual learning platform

Business Plan

Customised Business Plan with quarterly reviews.

Cash Flow Projection

Customised Cashflow Projection based on realistic goal setting.

Weekly Support

Weekly Support Calls & KPI tracking. Access to Private FB Group.

Marketing Calendar

Cloud hosted marketing content & marketing calendar.

Bucket List I.P

Exclusive rights to Bucket List I.P & programs.

We believe everyone can live a Bucket List Life. 

Our "Tribe" Values


Our Vision

To Create A Purposely Fulfilled World


Our Mission

To Help 10 Million Bucket Listers #tickitB4Ukickit

Want to help us wake people up?

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